Private premarital education in the Twin Cities, MN metro area. 

Rev Tomkin, his dog, and the U Club

Award-winning Rev. Tomkin Coleman offers private premarital education classes in St. Paul, Minnesota (either religious or nonreligious).

Evenings available.

Voted "Best of Minnesota Bride Magazine" 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013.

Free optional bonus: If you want, you can request to have a therapy dog (from local charity, Pawsitivity) come to your sessions (because some people are more comfortable if they also get to pet a dog).

Perfect for busy couples

Through two 60-90 minute private classes ($495), you will enhance your communication and conflict resolution skills, discuss a variety of topics, and learn tools for improving your relationship now and into the future. Research shows that couples who take a premarital education course are happier than those who don't.

About the Classes:

$495. The fee includes all course materials.

$75 off your marriage license!

Two evenings, 60-90 minutes, plus homework. 

The evenings do not have to be on consecutive weeks, they can be any time.

Private (one couple at a time).

Uses the award-winning Prepare/Enrich program.

Suitable for religious or nonreligious couples.

Same-sex or straight couples.

You get to discuss communication, conflict resolution, roles, finances, spiritual beliefs, and more.

These classes alone won't solve your problems because, after all, any particular problems you have will keep changing throughout your lives. Instead, you'll get wonderful tools you can use now or in the future. Everyone learns differently, so you'll get all sorts of great things introduced to you, including metrics, test results, communication methods, rules of thumb, definitions, and resources. Take in what you need, ignore what you don't, and together, you two can find your path forward as a couple.  

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